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ber1829 sent: Is it Tangled the most popular movie in your blog?

At the moment it seems to be pretty popular, but Frozen has been very popular as well, and I think we get a good variety of stuff

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Anonymous sent: I send a confession here or the "message fan" up there on my screen? What is easier for you? P.S: Your blog is the most creative on disney. P.S²: I'm still learning english, sorry if not clear enough.

Thank you so much! And you’re totally clear! You can send them either way :)

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Anonymous sent: How long does it usually take for a submission to get posted?

It depends how many are in my inbox and on queue. The ones posted today were only sent in on Friday, but there are some that were sent in today that won’t be posted for about a week

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Anonymous sent: Tangled confessions are getting a lot of power xD I love it. I think those are my favorites ;)

Yes they are, and there are still quite a few of them in my inbox!

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(Source: disneysexconfessions)

(Source: disneysexconfessions)

Anonymous sent: Finally! I'm being quite obvious in my "secret identity", but I loved your blog and I am mega fan of Tangled. Wanted to feel ashamed of feeling horny by lines and colors (which is what the designs are, right?), But I not feel! HAHAHAHAHA. At least not to your blog! Congratulations! I loved it!

Glad this blog can make you feel unashamed, because you shouldn’t be! :)

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(Source: disneysexconfessions)